My 100 List

These are some of the things I’d like to do in life.

1.      Being a lecture

2.      Writing a novel

3.      Getting published

4.      Watching meteor shower

5.      Going on a safari

6.      Trying acupuncture

7.      Kissing under the rain

8.      Teaching adult in seminar

9.      Growing a potted plant

10.  Learning how to play billiard

11.  Learning how to play guitar

12.  Traveling to 33 province in Indonesia

13.  Experienceing a hangover

14.  Climbing a tree

15.  Climbing into a lighthouse

16.  Hugging an elephant

17.  Someone make me breakfast in bed

18.  Learning how to shoot a gun

19.  Coloring my hair brown

20.  Wearing deep bright red lipstic

21.  Jump from the heights

22.  Snorkling

23.  Diving

24.  Singing on a stage

25.  Own a small bookshop

26.  Own a small library

27.  Having a late night conversation with a total stranger

28.  Making out under the stars

29.  Making a birthday cake for someone special

30.  Partying all night long until morning comes

31.  Dancing with a total stranger in a party

32.  Wearing bikini

33.  Loss weight to 55 kg

34.  Traveling alone somewhere

35.  Learn how to swim in the pool

36.  Learn how to swim in the sea

37.  Meeting someone I know online who lives abroad

38.  Traveling to 10 country in the world

39.   Smoking a cigarette

40.  Going hiking

41.  Own a product to sell

42.  Being a barista

43.  Living a week without HP

44.  Study for Doktoral

45.  Learning how to drive a car

46. Being a wife

47. Being a mother

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